Plans - Senior Citizen

With age, the body needs special attention. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a health insurance policy that can address specific health requirements. Corporate24 offers a tailor-made plan designed for senior citizens that address the needs of older people in society. While it is vital to cater for the needs of parents as they grow old and ensure they receive the right and adequate treatment in time it is the duty of their children to make sure that their parents are on medical aid.



1 GP Consultations
2 Observations
3 Xrays, Scans
4 Laboratory Tests
5 Dentistry
6 Ambulance
7 Specialits
8 Admissions
9 Thearte
10 Critical Care

Waiting Periods

1 Instant cover on consultation
2 Drugs, Dental, Ambulance : 3 months
3 Basic Radiology: 3 months
4 Advanced Radiology: 6 months
6 Amissions: 6 months



1. GP Consultation
2 Prescription Drugs
3. Basic Laboratory Tests
4. Basic Dentistry.
5. Admissions.

Waiting Periods

3 months



1 GP Consultaions
2 Prescription Drugs
3 Observations
4 Basic Dentistry
5 Laboratory Test
6 Admission and specialist at Government Hospitals
7 Ambulance

Waiting periods

1 Instant Cover on Consultations
2 Drugs , Dental, Ambulance: 3 months
3 Admissions: 6 mothns