Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Simply walk into the Corporate 24 Offices or your nearest ZB Bank branch and submit your application. Fill out your form; attach a passport sized photo for the member and each family member to be covered, a copy of ID each for the member and dependents over 16 years, and a copy of birth certificate for each dependent less than 16 years. Upon payment of your subscriptions, you will then be registered as a member, awaiting access to benefits.

You are assured of getting service without any inconvenience as we are in partnership with various medical service providers, including specialists nationwide, and of course with ZB Bank, a well-established financial services provider. The medical cover can be accessed through the vast service provider network, and the funeral cash payout from over 50 branches nationwide between the Bank and the Building Society.

Yes! You can use any authorised payment platform, and that includes Ecocash, Stop order and ZB Bank point of sale.

Service commences after 2months waiting period has been served, that is for GP Consultation and pharmacy only.

Corporate 24 Medical Aid will not waiver the waiting period, as it is necessary to reduce the risk to existing members’ contributions.

Certain medical treatments require that the member receive authorisation from the Medical Aid prior to receiving treatment. Pre-authorisation is important as it assists the Medical Aid to manage the combined members’ funds allocation, limits the risk by making sure that only necessary treatment is undergone, and that correct rates are being charged by service providers. Pre-authorisation also assists members to manage their limits in the most cost-effective manner.

The benefits requiring pre-authorisation include optical cover, elective surgery, hospitalisation, dental cover, dialysis and chemotherapy.

  • Their Spouse
  • Their Children
  • Extended family members

New born babies are covered from the day that they are born, as long as they are registered under their parents’ medical aid plan within 72 hours of birth. After 72 hours, if a baby is not registered, it will have to undergo the specific waiting periods specified by the membership plan that their parents fall under upon payment of the baby’s membership fees. The babies who get instant cover after being registered within 72hrs from time of birth are those whose mothers will have served and completed 9 months waiting period for maternity cover.

No, a member has to serve the full 9 months’ waiting period.

If you or any of your dependants:

  • Join another scheme
  • Provide false information, or fail to disclose material information when applying for registration
  • Provide false information when submitting a claim, submit a fraudulent claim, or intentionally allow a service provider to do so on your behalf
  • Allow any other person to use your membership cards
  • Without a good explanation, neglect to inform Corporate 24 that it has paid for services or supplies that were not delivered or received
  • Commit any other fraudulent act
  • If you fail to pay contributions for 3 months and above, the account will be lapsed and you will have to reapply to resume cover.

The eldest dependant may continue with the membership as the principal member, with the status of the other dependants remaining unchanged, provided that Corporate 24 receives a death certificate. Membership will commence on the day following that of the principal member’s death unless Corporate 24 is informed that the dependents have chosen to terminate their membership. Bank details should be furnished to Corporate 24 to avoid any interruption in the payment of contributions and obtaining benefits.

Upon producing the medical aid card and the burial order, funeral cash pay back can be paid out at any ZB Bank countrywide.

No, the medi-funeral plan covers natural death or death by accident but only after the waiting period has elapsed.

Yes, in the event that you exceed your limit for a benefit, short falls apply.

Please approach Corporate 24 with your doctor’s details upon joining Corporate 24 Medical Aid and our Marketing Department will engage with your GP on agreed terms and conditions. Corporate 24 also has a wide network of service providers where you  can access convenient and affordable service.

As a Corporate 24 Medical Aid member, you will have access to medical services from providers listed just below the One to Five Star Plans on “Our Products” list on this website. This network continues being added to, in order to present to the member a wide choice of service providers country-wide.

Upon producing the funeral policy number the burial order, the funeral cash pay back can be paid out at any of over 70 CBZ Bank branches countrywide.