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3 Common Misconceptions About Hospitalisation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that a loved one has been hospitilised? Let’s be honest we all have misconceptions about hospitilisation one way or the other. Some are insane while others are outlandish. Below are a few which made it to our top three listen


If You Are Hospitalised It Is A Sure Sign You Will Die

One of the first things people automatically think when you have been hospitilised is that you are well on your way to meet your maker. Though they might not say it out loud (in case you might hear it) people always associate hospitalisation with impending death. However that is not the case, there are many reasons why a person could be hospitalised some are serious while others are not, for example you could simply be admitted in hospital because you blood pressure is too high and you need to be monitored, that is not a life threatening situation, exhaustion can also get you hospitilised. So never start sweating and thinking of the worst, simply because you heard someone has been hospitilised. Hospitilisation often means a person will receive the proper care and attention they need in order to recuperate.


Medical Aid Will Cover Anything & Everything

As soon as you or a loved one are hospitalised always make sure to know what your medical aid covers and does not cover. Different medical aid plans have different amounts and things they cover. So it is important to always know what and how much will be paid by your medical aid never assume. Also find out which medical facilities you can access depending on your subscription. There is also the case of lapsing on your monthly subscriptions; if you haven’t been paying your medical aid provider will not be obligated to pay for your hospitalisation, so always make sure to be up to date on your payments. And lastly make sure to choose the best medical aid that will cover you or your family adequately when such a situation arises.


Hospital Food Is Bad & The Staff Is Rude

It is a myth that has rolled over the years from generation to generation. Most people perceive hospital food and staff to be terrible. They always come to the hospital expecting the worst treatment and experience of their lives. However that is not always the case some hospitals have professionally trained personnel who always seek to make your stay pleasurable and they prepare food with the utmost care; taking in consideration your current ailment and your daily health needs. So always make an effort to cooperate with staff as it will be a win-win situation for both parties.

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