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3 Causes Of Blindness You Didn’t Know About

Every time you open your eyes, it’s always such a blissful feeling to see the beauty and wonders the world has to offer. Our eyes are our windows to the world and therefore are a very integral part of the body. Proper care should be taken to keep them in tip-top shape.

Did you know that there are things which people can take for granted that can cause blindness.

Contact Lenses

You could be wearing them for better vision or just to make a fashion statement. Eye lenses are now more popular than ever. Medically, they are considered safe to wear, but wearing contact lenses can damage your eyes if you do one of the following; wear them for too long, fail to clean them properly or  not replacing them on time as directed by your eye doctor. The lenses lie directly on the cornea of the eye blocking all oxygen and that is why you should follow the recommended schedule from the doctor.


A simple headache can affect anyone anytime, and is quite common. An Ocular migraine is defined as a migraine that affects one particular eye and causes blindness and visual impairment. You shouldn’t be too afraid of this type of migraine as the blindness is usually temporary and will go away after taking some medication or a simple nap.


We all know syphilis as a dangerous STD that can be treated. But do you know that if left untreated it could cause serious health problems for you in the future. Recent research has shown there is a rare form of syphilis that is now affecting the eyes. Known as Ocular Syphilis, it can occur at any stage of syphilis and usually leads to blindness. Usually the symptoms of syphilis are hard to determine, so many people go on in life without being treated. However if left untreated or if not properly treated, it can lead to other serious health complications including blindness.

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