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5 Facts About Expired Medication

To take or not to take? That’s the question many of us grapple with when we come across expired medication. With the cost of living at an all-time high and money constraints an everyday thing, many might be tempted to use expired medication in order to avoid having to buy. Though it might seem a sensible thing to do to save money, the effects will eventually have dire consequences on your health.In general, drugs expiration dates range from 2-5 years after production. A drug’s potency and efficacy begins to reduce from the moment it is manufactured. Before you decide to dive into the medicine cabinet and take those pills that have expired hoping that they will “kinda” work for you, here are five tips you need to know first.


  1. While you can get away with over the counter pain relievers for headaches, hay fever, mild pains, the same cannot be said about tetracycline type antibiotics and some seizure medications; they can cause toxicity if taken after they expiry.. As such, for serious ailments such as diabetes, heart diseases etc. it is best advised to dispose of expired medication.
  2. Using expired antibiotics leaves you at the mercy of the acquired infection. As a drug reaches its expiry date it loses potency making it unable to fight the infection. It can also cause the bacteria to become more drug resistant.Therefore you should always dispose of any leftover pills or liquid antibiotic prescriptions regardless of the date on the packaging. Antibiotics are one expired medication you don’t want to mess with.
  3. Medication which is not stored properly according to required room temperature can expire way before the labelled expiry date.
  4. Expired eye drops and ear drops may prove harmful as they may no longer be sterile causing an eye or ear infection instead of actually curing one.
  5. When you dispose of expired medication do not throw it away as if you are throwing away food or ordinary trash. There are rules and regulations on how to dispose of certain medicines, for example flushing some pills or capsules can actually contribute to the pollution of water supplies. The common advice given in disposal of medicine is that you should mix them with a substance like dirt or kitty litter, seal the mixture in a container and throw away in the trash.

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