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Breast Cancer Month: Why Men Should Support #PinkFriday

It’s that time of the year again, the month of October which is dedicated towards the fight against breast cancer. And considering that true love is caring, your sister/mother/aunt/workmate needs all the support you can offer to make this fight bearable.


One of the ways to show your solidarity is through supporting the “Pink Friday” campaign, whereby you wear anything pink. A cap, hat, handkerchief, shirt, tie/bow-tie are amongst many other options you can choose from. Some might even choose to go all pink from head to toe. What matters is going out there and showing the world that you are in support of the breast cancer cause.


Let’s not limit this fight to females only! Men need to support women in the fight against breast cancer because a generation is born and groomed through a woman, so supporting one woman in her struggle goes a long way for the betterment and goodwill of future generations. You might be wondering but how will my contributions count? Imagine how your sister/girlfriend/wife might feel if you offer to accompany her for a breast check-up…By waiting for her in the lobby area, it won’t just reflect your “romantic side” but that special lady will definitely know that you are there for her no matter what.    


To all those individuals with relatives who have breast cancer, the struggle against is real. Through therapy, diet and emotional support, cancer can be dealt with resulting in a much more positive life. True love is caring, and for a woman to see it, she must be shown in both words and deeds. If you lost a loved one to breast cancer, in her memory go out there this Friday wearing something pink. You will be doing this in memory of her and this gesture will also inspire those women with breast cancer to continue in the fight!

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