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Five Different Types of Headaches

Having a dull ache in the head can just be as disturbing as having an uncomfortable toothache! Not being able to identify which type of headache it is can be frustrating too as you might spend the whole day gobbling down needless pills. It is therefore necessary for you to know which type of headache you have, just in case there is an easy home remedy treatment for it. Below are five different types of headaches in case you find yourself in pain, and hints on how to tackle them too.


1. Cluster headaches

This type of ache mostly affects men than women and it is a recurring type of headache which usually occurs in cycles. Its appearance is sudden and symptoms may include a severe or weakening pain on one side of the head. Watery eyes and restlessness are not a surprising sequence and one might even face sleeping difficulties. The symptoms of cluster and migraine headaches are usually the same and are believed to be genetic by medical scientists. There’s no cure to this type of headache, but if you suffer from it, you can use medication to limit its frequency and duration of pain.


2. Migraine headaches

This type of headache usually runs in families as a hereditary disease and can be diagnosed in cases of recurrence. If for instance, you realise that a headache lasts for 4-72 hours, runs in periods which exceed five and in two of these, you had a one-sided, throbbing or a moderate to severe pain, it definitely is a migraine. This headache type leads to nausea or vomiting in some instances and can distract one’s normal routine/activities as it blurs the vision. You might also experience sensitivity to light and sound as well as numbness in the hands when it occurs. It’s advisable to visit a doctor if it happens.


3. Rebound headaches

Sometimes, abusing painkillers in order to counter a headache can ironically lead to a headache! Well it’s surprising, isn’t it? Due to the recurrence of headaches, you might resort to constantly using a certain medication strong enough to counter the ache. These might include prescription or over-the-counter painkillers and because drugs are addictive, you might use them till they are ineffective. If the brain gets hyped up in an excited state, the blood rush might lead to a throbbing pain. Alternatively, if the blood stream gets used to the drug, it commands withdrawal and the end result is having rebound headaches.


4. Sinus headaches

Ever had a feverish morning characterised by constant sneezing and a persistent nose drip which is followed by a dull headache? This usually happens when a certain floor polish you react to is used or during spring time. These symptoms are a sign of sinus headache, caused by the swelling and inflammation of the nasal passage due to infection. The pressure exerted on the nose or ears leads to the clogging of the nasal passages and a fever which is followed by a headache. Other symptoms triggering this type of headache include toothache, pain in the ear area and allergies. For treatment, you can visit the pharmacy for antihistamines or decongestants.


5. Tension headaches

As the name itself suggests, this type of headache is usually triggered by tension. It is very common and is characterised by a constant ache or pressure around the back of the neck area or head. It’s not as severe as migraine and usually vomiting or nausea doesn’t occur. With this type of headache, one can continue with his or her daily activities as it’s not that severe. This type of ache is believed to be triggered by neck and scalp contractions due to normal movement, changes in brain chemicals or involuntary stress response. Just in case you have this type of headache, you can use over-the-counter medications like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief.


Before brushing away the occurrence of a headache as “normal,” please visit your local GP for consultation and check-up. He/she will in turn give you adequate reference for you to access the correct medication at the Pharmacy. As Corporate 24 Medical Aid, we offer Medi-Funeral Two to Five Star Plans which cater for GP and Pharmacy visits, Covering Your Health in More Ways Than One.

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