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Five Tips to Help You Overcome Addictions.

Overcoming an addiction is like an uphill climb. It gets stiffer with every new height but when you reach the top, looking down is so fulfilling! It takes much determination, resilience and focus to attain an addiction-free life and once accomplished, it becomes part of your new lease of life. Below are five tips to help you overcome addictions and walk towards a more rewarded and less complicated living.


1. Concentrate on Healthier Options

It’s a healthier option to engage in daily schedules that get your mind away from your previous lifestyle. Joining a library, a local sport or engaging in social welfare programs during free time will keep your mind busy and distracted from indulging in old habits. It’s always good to spend time creatively and constructively to avoid boredom.  For instance, if you are quitting smoking, replace a cigarette with a sweet to avoid the urge. The same for ice-cream, you can replace it with low-fat yoghurt. Always remember that going for rehab classes will also help as there is guarantee that you will receive support and less criticism.


2. Avoid Tempting Scenarios

Recovering from addictions and overcoming them seems like an easy task but if truth be told, “old habits die hard.” Whilst you can pull off momentarily from the addiction and succeed, it’s wiser not to tempt yourself to prove a point. For instance, you might decide to go out with friends and come in contact with what you are trying to stop. You might want to prove a point that you are no longer attracted to the drugs/alcohol/food/gambling but you might end up relapsing. The best thing during the addiction recovery period is avoiding scenarios or places that might act as emotional triggers.


3. Create a Positive Social Network

Sometimes having the right people around you during your recovery is crucial. Imagine the positive impact of spending time with family members, friends and with people who are also fighting addiction (be it physical support groups or on social media). Not only will they help you in times of need, but they will give you the extra push and encouragement to keep on fighting addiction. Severing unhealthy and destructive ties will aid in progress towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. 


4. Don’t Give Up Easily

Whilst the easiest option is throwing in the towel and giving up when the journey seems thorny, the secret to any success is never giving up. Due to the body system being accustomed to any form of addiction, totally abandoning it for a healthier lifestyle is a mammoth task. But nothing in life comes on a silver plate so by shutting out all negativity and pressing towards a “clean” life, you will be doing more good than bad.


5. Never Consider Relapse as Failure

Overcoming and totally stopping an addiction that might have lasted for months or years seems easier when said than done. So if you relapse by mistake, don’t blame yourself and regard it as failure because the ability and strength to even stop in the first place is commendable. So the best way to recovery is having social groups (afore-mentioned) for you to get emotional support. When you get back on track, make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes but rather learn from them.


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