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Seven Surprising Addictions You Might Have Been Overlooking.

1. Caffeine.

Grabbing a disposable coffee cup from a Café on your way to work in the morning or making one when you arrive in the office is not necessarily an addiction. It’s rather to give you that boost you need to help focus on the required tasks on hand. It however ceases to become the norm if going without it leaves you with anxiety or a serious headache but rather a sign of withdrawal. If you notice this trend, consider cutting out the excess cups!


2. Chocolates and Sweets.

Having sweet treats once in a while is sometimes good for relaxation and mental stimulation, but only if you can control yourself and know when to stop eating. Foods containing carbs, sugar and fats have the same effect on the brain as drugs, so you might end up being unconsciously “hooked” to eating them. So before your relaxation tactic turns into an addiction and lead to health-related problems, just minimise on the candy.


3. Gambling.

For some, gambling is just a mind game and offers relief but if truth be told, it’s highly addictive. From a simple bet which costs a $1 to a high staked sport, slot machine game or poker table bet, a bet is a bet! All forms of betting provide “happiness” due to mental stimulation caused by a hit of dopamine to the brain. But this state of bliss might lead to financial strain, bankruptcy, job loss and worse still, family breakdown. So the next time you spend a night intensively betting to the exclusion of all else, consider the havoc it leads to and all the bad luck variables.


4. Shopping.

At some point in life, we all fall prey to buying stuff we don’t need. From little house ornaments to clothes and cars we don't use, shopping might cease to be just buying but an addiction! So the next time you hit the grocery store for a shopping, make sure you aren't buying to sooth your stress, anxiety or impulsive traits. This might just lead to bad financial decisions, leading to legal and social problems so just BEWARE...


5. Smartphones.

If you can't stay a few hours without your smartphone, checking for any social media updates, emails or instant messages, then you might just be addicted! Sometimes you may even realise that you constantly check your phone over dinner instead of focusing on the meal or even tend to ignore socialising to being on App with someone miles away. You might be safely described as a "digital junkie" who prefers technology to real social engagement. So why not discipline yourself to having it for a few hours?


6. Exercise.

Wanting to look on-point is good as it gives you that extra bounce in your step but sometimes, it doesn't necessarily have to mean being a workout addict. Gym, diet and exercise are all good deeds but if done excessively, it might lead to them all being addictive tendencies. So the next time you think of looking good, just remember: it all has to be done in moderation or you might end up with anorexia or broken muscle tissues!


7. Sleeping Pills.                          

Sometimes work just gets too hectic until sleeping becomes a real hustle. Instead of having a normal sleeping pattern, the body functions might automatically shift such that you lose sleep when you want to normally rest and you might end up just resorting to using sleeping pills. These might have an adverse effect and result in an addiction as you might have to consistently rely on them for sleep. If not monitored well by a doctor, these pills might just end up addictive!


If you feel your behaviour or certain habits exhibit addiction symptoms, consult a certified health specialist. In turn, you will receive adequate counselling to help you get back on track. As Corporate 24 Medical Aid, our Medi-funeral Two to Five Star Plans cover GP visits to ensure your health is covered in more ways than one!

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