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Four Most Abused Drugs and their Adverse Effects On Health.

What comes to your mind when drug abuse is mentioned? Do you think of a random guy on the street corner who’s always in a state of trance due to an overdose or some wretched school dropout who always sits on the street corner? Well, you wouldn’t be judged for concluding thus but, you might fit indirectly into this bracket without realising it! Below are four most abused drugs and their side effects on health.


1. Alcohol

It’s good to hang out with the boys or girls for a drink or two after a stress-filled day in order to catch up on the previous week’s events and to just relax. This ideally means that alcohol is not an “immoral” drink as it’s also good for mental stimulation and acts as an antiseptic. For some individuals, it even heals minor stomach aches. If consumed to excess however, it ceases to become a social drink but a poisonous substance and might lead to serious health implications like alcohol poisoning or liver cancer. So the best thing you can do if you drink is to control the intake-always!


2. Prescription Drugs

Due to different medical conditions, some people require drugs prescribed specifically for that condition by a doctor for a certain time scale. But if you are not careful, you might end up addicted if you think you “need” them always. Worse still, you might make the mistake of thinking that it’s totally cool to use your prescription for your child or friend who has similar symptoms to those you had before. Your symptoms might be the same but requiring different medication so using your prescription might lead to addiction or in the worst case scenario: death. So before administering medication or playing doctor, visit a pharmacy for the right prescription.


3. Smoked Substances

To relieve work-related stress or to just “fit in” be it at school or with the neighbourhood’s cool crew, some people tend to smoke cigarettes, marijuana, dagga or glue. This is a form of drug abuse and it’s very addictive to the extent that some people might end up relying on the substances to feel happy, relief or to keep a bit “sane.” The downside of this type of habit however is; excess inhalation of these substances usually leads to respiratory diseases and lung cancer due to the weakening of breath controlling organs.


4. Over-the-counter Drugs

Sometimes you might feel uneasy due to slight pain, be it a headache, flue or a slight cough. The best way out would be rushing to the nearest pharmacy for medication which aides with quick relief. Over-the-counter drugs are usually overused by many due to easy accessibility. Since they don’t require a doctor’s prescription, one might end up constantly using them for minor illnesses to ease pain. If medications are used every time, they weaken the immune system. The end result is a body resistant to organic compounds like aspirins. So before you are hooked, try resorting to natural remedies.


Before self-treating using any drugs, visit your nearest pharmacy and ask for proper medical advice. As Corporate 24 Medical Aid, we value the responsible use of medications. With our Medi-funeral Three to Five Star Plans which cover pharmacy services, you can be rest assured that you can tackle health-related needs in more ways than one.

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