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Five Tips on How to Avoid Tooth Decay.

Have you ever had those moments where you feel like eating biltong, only to realise you teeth can’t bear the strain? It’s sure irritating to have toothache but lucky enough, you can do something to eliminate decay. Following the right oral and dental hygiene can help you avoid cavities and below are five tips on how to avoid tooth decay.


1. Adopting Healthy Eating Habits.

The number one factor contributing to tooth decay is having an unhealthy eating habit: If you address this unhealthy eating habit before your teeth begin to decay, you might notice the significant impact. Consider substituting the foods which lead to decay with fruits, organic foods and instead of beverages, drink more water.


2. Brushing Teeth with Fluoride Toothpaste.

To maintain strong, healthy teeth, always brush your teeth at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. To clean between your teeth, floss or use an interdental cleaner. If you can't brush after eating, at least try to rinse with mouth wash and if push comes to shove, use water. Fluoride is an acidic compound which prevents tooth decay, so the next time you buy, make sure the paste, mouthwash and floss have fluoride.


3. Having Dental Sealants.

Having a dental sealant is another way you can use to protect your teeth from decay. It is a protective coating applied to the teeth’s chewing surface which seals off grooves and crannies that tend to collect food particles. Sealant acts as a buffer against plaque and acid and can last up to 10 years before replacement! So in your quest to protect your teeth from decay, consider this option but remember to go for regular checks to ensure they are still in shape.


4. Regular Visits to the Dentist.

Usually, we ignore dental visits till it’s too late. When four or more teeth fall out that’s when reality strikes that “these teeth are falling out!” so why prolong the visit to the dentist? Getting professional teeth cleansing and oral exams can help in preventing dental problems and their early detection. The dentist can even go further and recommend a schedule and oral products which suit you best.


5. Rinsing Your Mouth Regularly.

Well, it’s not always the most ideal thing to rush back and forth during work hours to go and brush your teeth in the bathroom after each snack. But it sure isn’t difficult to gaggle after meals using a mouth rinse with fluoride. This alternative helps fight off the development of cavities and it’s not only convenient but also good-for a fresh breath, always!


If you stick to the above tips, not only will your teeth last longer, but your walk towards a heathier lifestyle will be achieved! With Corporate 24 Medical Aid’s Two to Five Star Plans, your dental care is a priority to keep you smiling 24/7.


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