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Six Early Signs of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the worst oral problems one has to encounter. From an awfully stinking mouth to sleepless nights due to pain, tooth decay becomes one disease to watch out for before it kicks in. Detecting signs and symptoms of tooth decay early is crucial as it saves you the unpleasant process of getting a tooth plucked out. For you to maintain that brilliant smile and continue to enjoy the selfie pics, here are six early signs to watch out for.


1. A Bad Breath.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who has an awful breath? Well, it does not always necessarily mean lack of hygiene but it might be an early sign of tooth decay. What attributes to the smell is usually food which would have stuck in between the teeth or holes in the decaying tooth. So if you suspect that your breath is now a bit more fowl than usual, go and get a dentist’s opinion.


2. Blood Stains on the Toothbrush.

It’s normal for you to dismiss blood stains on your toothbrush as a normal mouth injury, but it might be more. If you have cavity between your teeth, underlying gum tissue might grow into that area and when you then brush your teeth, the brush can bruise the tissue leading to bleeding. So better watch out for any blood next time!


3. Chewing difficulties.

If dental decay reaches the pulp (the part of the tooth’s tissue which has its blood vessels and nerves), it leads to development of pus. This is the main cause of discomfort and difficulty in chewing or biting using the affected tooth. If not addressed well in time, the pus usually spreads to other teeth which were not affected before leading to decay.


4. Darkening of the Teeth.

Well, everyone’s wish is to have white sparkling teeth and sometimes when teeth are darkening a bit, people try different tooth pastes and herbal remedies to bring back the sparkle. But basically, decaying of the teeth leads to destruction of dentine and considering that dying/dead tissue produces colourants, it also contributes to the teeth looking more dull and dark.


5. Food Sticking between the Teeth.

For most people having tooth ache issues, this is the most common problem they face. Due to holes, increasing gaps in-between the teeth and the weakening of gums, food is prone to sticking between the teeth. The pain is usually uncomfortable as some areas cannot be reached by toothpicks or the toothbrush.


6. Spots on the Teeth.

Healthy teeth have a glowing outer layer of enamel, which is a sign of solid dentine underneath. The first sign of tooth decay is the removal of minerals like calcium from enamel which results in chalky or opaque spots on your tooth or teeth. This stage usually goes unnoticed by many individuals, as they think the golden color is just maybe tea or coffee stains.


If you have been noticing any of the above signs, it’s advisable to go and consult your dentist sooner rather than later, or else the problem will keep on thriving. With Corporate 24 Medical Aid, you are guaranteed a sparkling and confident smile. Our Budget Medi-Funeral Two to Five Star Plans cater for your dental care, ensuring that you are covered in more ways than one!

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