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Five most common causes of tooth decay.

Tooth decay or cavity is a condition in which bacteria in the mouth produces acid which eats away the teeth. If an affected tooth goes untreated, it might lead to pain, infection and tooth loss. Tooth decay usually goes unnoticed especially during its initial development, which leads to the damage of the pulp which contains highly-sensitive blood vessels and nerves. The five most common causes of tooth decay include;


1. Sugary foods

Did you know that sweets, chocolates, cakes, creampuffs, doughnuts and all other “hidden” sugar-based foods taste yummy and delicious but they have a downside effect on oral health as they are the main cause of teeth decay? Sugary foods attract bacteria which feed off the food the moment the sugar coats your teeth which is why you need to constantly brush your teeth to eliminate acids. Always remember that even fruit juices are as damaging as sodas as they have sugar too.


2. Acidic foods and drinks

Fish, bread, carbonated beverages and fruit juices contain acid and because they are amongst foods which are consumed daily, the risks of having tooth decay are higher than actually realised by most people. Acidic foods are more dangerous than sugary foods because unlike the way that bacteria feed off of sugary foods so they can coat the teeth in acid, they damage tooth enamel directly with the acids they contain so watch out for these, always!


3. Poor Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth regularly is quite effective if you want to maintain healthy teeth but there’s more to it. By not flossing the teeth, not using mouth wash and not brushing the tongue makes it easier for the teeth to decay easily. To avoid decay, it’s ideal to brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day- morning and night and better still after every meal. Tooth decay due to poor hygiene is avoidable as it only takes good oral care.


4. Hereditary effects

Usually a person inherits his/her parents’ skin tone, hair and eye colour or other similarities, but you might also inherit deep tooth crevices and enamel problems which will contribute to you having cavities. So it’s also important to know your family’s dental history as this helps when you go for check-ups and it also prompts you to be cautious regarding your oral care.    


5. Grinding the teeth

You might have met an individual who grinds and gnashes the teeth due to nervousness, stress or just out of habit. Some people do this whilst sleeping but it also contributes to tooth decay as grinding strips away the outer layer of tooth enamel. If you have this problem, the good news is; it can be prevented by using a “bite guard” or “night guard” when you are not eating. Also try to minimise subjecting yourself to situations that trigger your stress.


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