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Seven Gifts to Consider Getting for a Lady Who Is Expecting

How many times have you gone for a baby shower with a towel, only to realise that five more people bought the same gift? Generally, people run out of ideas when it comes to baby presents and gifts for an expecting lady. But the relief is, there are many gift ideas out there but maybe you never thought about buying them at some point. Listed below are seven gift ideas you can consider getting for someone who is expecting.


1. A Nursing shirt, Robe and Slippers

When an expecting mum looks good, she feels good and then does well: for both the baby and herself. To make her expectation worth the while, get rid of that old sweater she has and get her into a new 100 percent cotton nightie and robe set which will get her feeling glam and beautiful! Also get her swollen feet in soft fury slippers. This is an ultimate combo of comfort and style.


2. Books and Magazines

As soon as a woman falls pregnant, the natural instinct is for her to look for literature relating to pregnancy and baby information. So trust me, getting her pregnancy magazines and novels on child-care will be quite an appreciated gift, if not one of the most cherished! So the next time you feel like dropping by a friend’s/sister’s place with a gift, just wrap up a pregnancy related magazine and book and sure enough, you’ll receive a bear hug!


3. Bath and Body Care

It’s normal for us to just feel as if pregnancy is a natural process, but it brings with it changes. The beautiful skin will be undergoing some changes during that period so getting bath foams, soaps, salts, lotions and other body care products for the expecting mum is very essential to retain all the beauty after giving birth.


4. Baby Carrier/Car Seat/Pram

Consider seeing your little baby/niece/god-child in a lovely baby carrier you would have bought for him for her. Even a car seat would be a different, yet beautiful gift idea. A pram would be ideal for strolling in the park or going to the shops for a walk with the baby, and this would be a lovely gift idea indeed right? These are some presents people overlook when getting baby presents most times.


5. Diaper Bag

Packing a well-stocked diaper bag with lots of great items and new baby must-have products is yet another great gift idea. You can put in diapers, baby petroleum jelly, baby bath creams, soaps, baby wipes, baby bottles and toys, little baby vests, tissue paper and hair accessories, in case it’s a girl. This all is a very kind gesture which the mum-to-be will appreciate.   


6. Nursing Station

Buying a nursing station for an expecting mum is a blessing in disguise. All of the must-haves for a breastfeeding mom to be just a hand away from the bed are a necessity for comfort. She will probably put all her breastfeeding items like the bottles, express machine, milk, baby feeder and wipes amongst other products so she wouldn’t need to walk up and down to the kitchen every evening.


7. Stuffed Toys

The least you can do for a little baby is buying stuffed toys. Sophie the Giraffe is a great idea as it is big enough to be held, entertain a baby and offer comfort while being safe at the same time. You can also consider buying teddy bears to decorate the little ones cot bed. Or better still, you might even buy both the cradle and teddy bear!


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