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Tips On How To Plan For A Pregnancy

A new-born baby is a bundle of joy, but only if both parents are ready to bring it into the world. Other than that, the thought of an innocent soul might actually be a burden, if not a strain, since it might not be an anticipated event due to lack of planning. As a couple, you need to adequately prepare for the new addition to the family both financially and emotionally. Below are some tips on how to plan for a pregnancy.


Discuss with your partner first.

Sitting down and discussing with your partner is the most important step in the right direction. Decisions in regards to the well-being of a child are the responsibility of both parents thus you both need to be involved. For instance, the baby’s name, Medical Aid cover, the school he/she will attend and the birth place are some things which you might consider discussing to avoid arguing once the little one is on the way.


Consider dropping birth control…for that time.

If you are currently popping those little white pills or other hormonal birth controls, consider discarding them for the mean time. This helps you when you want to ovulate so it’s wiser not to be on the pill. Depending on how long you’ve been taking medication, you might think through giving yourself a few months. Due to different body mechanisms, some take longer in conceiving whilst some just a few weeks, so make sure you take this step when you are ready!


The moderate partying habit has to stop!

Well, drinking and partying is good for socialising and hanging out during weekends with friends, but you might want to consider reducing the alcohol and smoke intake, and switch to staying in-doors for a while. This is important not only for the baby’s healthy development but you will both be preparing a safer and more loving environment for the little one. So “no beer or alcohol for now” might be a two-way thing for both mummy and daddy-to-be!!


Get Medical Aid cover to assist on hospital bills.

The last thing you want during your preparation is hitting hard-rock times financially. Imagine the embarrassment your wife would have to go through if she was to be detained at the maternity ward after giving birth simply because you didn’t pay the bill! It would bruise your male ego for years, so why not get covered through a suitable medical aid plan which you can afford? The hospital bills will cater for both your partner’s and little angel’s wellbeing, so take the bold step today!


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