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Five Questions Smart Buyers Ask.

Buying is a habit that each and every individual has but before doing so; you should understand the how and why part. This is useful for avoiding impulsive buying, budgeting, saving and it also saves you from that serious “hoarding” habit. Below are five questions you should ask yourself every time you hit the road and decide to go on a shopping spree.


1. Am I just attracted to the sale or clearance?

Bargain-hunters usually fall for sales and clearances but sometimes you might not need the item. Before buying, ask yourself; “Would I buy it if it wasn’t for sale?” and “Would I still want it if it was full price?” Chances are, what motivated you to buy is the sale but not necessity. So the next time you go into a grocery, clothing shop or car sale, always keep these questions in mind.


2. Can I afford this?

Let’s face it: it’s not every time when you can afford a certain purchase. Sometimes you might find yourself attracted to the new dress or suit in town, but you know for sure your budget doesn’t permit the purchase. If this happens, stop squeezing your money out of existence but rather save and buy next time. Yes, it’s good to move with trends, but not always wise to let the impulse buying tide swerve you out of budget. 


3. Do I need this now?

The tendency a majority of people adopt when buying is feeling they need to get that item simply because it’s on the shelf without really needing it. Before buying, ask yourself “Do I need this?” or “Do I need this now?” If your answer is no, it means you might need it at a later date but not this month. Give yourself 30 days and reconsider if you still want it, you probably won’t feel that urge!


4. Is this item going to be used?

In sync with the previous point, always validate every purchase with the question of relevance. Ask yourself “Will I be using this pot, wearing these clothes, using this car or living in this apartment?” before buying it. Sometimes you buy due to an attractive advert, but the bottom line is: a good purchase is about more than just getting a great bargain. If you don’t see yourself using the item regularly, don’t buy it!


5. Will I find a better bargain elsewhere?

Sometimes before buying, you should ask yourself “If I do more market research and window shopping, won’t I find a better bargain?” This is important in your quest to budget, as it not only helps you save but also helps you appreciate different companies’ pricing strategies. You’ll additionally get to understand the times of the month or year with price reductions.


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