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How to Cut Costs and Save Money.

Day to day life revolves around money and if overlooked, every new month might just be an impending hurricane. What you need to do is step up your saving game and start embracing a new, budget-friendly life by cutting excessive costs. Before you know it, you will be floating on cloud nine, fully knowing that your income can cover you from month to month. After cutting down expenses in the areas which will be discussed below, not only will you feel relieved, but a huge financial weight will be removed from your shoulders leaving you with space to breathe.


1. Cut The Transportation Costs.

Transport costs can really pinch your pocket if not managed well. To cut on costs, you can car pool to work by taking a ride in your colleague or neighbour’s car. It helps you save on fuel and car maintenance so it’s worth the shot. Instead of driving to work daily, if you can, consider taking public transport twice or more times a week. You might be tempted to ask “Why?” but come to think of it, if you can save that $5.00 on daily fuel with $1.00 on a public lift, there is more to gain!


2. Eat Wisely…Always.

Before stepping out for work, always remind yourself to carry packed lunch. By cooking and packing your meals at home, you cut down on take-away. Not only will you be saving, but it is also healthier eating habit as home-made food is usually prepared with love and care. When going for grocery shopping for home foodstuffs, consider bulk-buying as it saves and cuts costs. If your yard can accommodate a small garden, why not plant a few vegetables instead of buying from the market? Always bear in mind that it’s all for the sake of saving.


3. Moderate the Energy Consumption.

At home, consider using LED and CFL light bulbs than the conventional Filament lights. LEDs and CFLs lights (better known as energy savers) consume 5% watts and save your energy by 95%. You use appliances like the microwave, geyser, home theater and stove in the morning or in the evening if you go to work so you might consider switching them off. Unplugging unused electrical devices saves on electrical costs, thus ultimately easing on your expenses.


4. Trim Down The Entertainment Bill.

Do you sometimes feel that you are a member on a lot of clubs where you are apparently a ghost-like figure? It’s wise to cancel some subscriptions- if you go to the golf club or the gym three times a month, then its high time to quit. You can always exercise from home by jogging or doing yoga if you notice that office work takes all your free time. For leisure, consider joining a local library or volunteering in community work. These are cheaper but more viable ways for entertain as they cut costs.  


5. Simplify Your Life.

Your cellphone bill might just be that devilish creature feasting on your hard-earned money. By opting for monthly subscriptions as compared to daily credit topping, you will cut down on airtime costs. Another bill that you might consider reducing is the clothing expenditure. Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to be following the fashion trends religiously. Rather, buy new clothes when you need them.


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