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What to Do for Your Parents to Make Them Feel Loved.

Regardless of the health challenges your parents might be facing as they age, it is important to make them feel loved and special. They don’t expect you to buy them a million-dollar house or car, but just want to feel the warmth of your care. You can achieve this by doing the following little but important things listed below.


Accessorise their homes.

Putting little cushions for your dad on the couch with his favourite sports team might make him feel more at home during a game. Buying your mum knits and wool or a portable machine can bring back older memories. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it either revokes happier childhood memories or reflects on the modern.


Buy them Books or E-books.

You can get hard copy novels for your parents, whether it is English/ Shona/ Ndebele Literature or Religious anthologies, it helps keep their minds refreshed and offers mental relaxation. Nowadays, some of our parents are up-to-speed with technology. If your parent is used to having a gadget, she or he would be grateful if you are able to get a tablet or E-book reader and buy some books they relate to.


Get them cell phones.

If your parents are not familiar with gadgets, you can buy them cell phones and teach them how to operate them, for ease of access and communication. Simple tutorials for a few days might result in them being techno geniuses and it will not only make their lives exciting but also adventurous.


Spoil them with Gifts.

Have you ever thought of stepping into a supermarket to buy your mum or dad a Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary/Thank You Card? You can try it on their Anniversary and after you realise how touched they will be, you might just get excited and make it a habit! The little gifts can mean a whole lot to the elderly people. Once in a while, get them little nice goodies and see the sparkle in their eyes.


Take them out.

Staying at home 24/7 can be boring and mind-draining. Worse still, knowing that you no longer have casual nights out or social drinks with workmates will be the new reality faced by the oldies. Taking them out during weekends for site-seeing to game parks, museums or the Art Gallery or having little family picnics might be the positive change they crave for. It helps relax the mind and renews their energy.


As Corporate 24 Medical Aid, we appreciate that parents play a vital role in the wellbeing of an individual. We want you to enjoy every precious moment with them whilst covering you in more ways than one.

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