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Things your parents are going through as they age.

As your parents are getting older, they undergo transformation. Graceful ageing becomes the in-thing as seen through their greying hairs, popping-out wrinkles and slight stooping. Old age comes with an additional package – health complications. If these go unnoticed, it might lead to death. Below are some diseases to watch out for when caring for old parents.



Remember that day when your parent called and told you there’s a juicy story s/he wants to tell you but when you finally got home, she had forgotten totally? This is a sign of dementia. Memory loss is common in ageing people and is quite upsetting if a patient does not get treatment. There is need to visit a doctor for medication and tips on how to handle and support your parents through this phase.



Due to ageing, most elderly people develop psychological depression. The change from being a working person who’s always surrounded by people to being a retiree might have a negative impact on them. Depression can lower immunity and reduce ability to fight infections, which might lead to death. It’s advisable to seek medication and therapy to improve mood and encourage your parents to interact more with age mates.


Respiratory Disease

Breathing problems are familiar when it comes to elderly individuals. Some of our retired parents who used to work in asbestos or cement factories are prone to suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which affects the normal function of the lungs. Lung cancer in older people is also a result of smoking at earlier stages in life. Some suffer from tuberculosis and asthma due to age, therefore regular hospital visits to see a doctor is advisable.


Urinary Tract Disorder (UTI)

Older people sometimes suffer from UTI due to poor hygiene, a weak bladder or slight disturbances in the genital area. Avoiding daily baths because of weather changes or just the old age feeling can trigger the disorder. Complications include burning sensations in the vulva area, feeling an urgency to pee, an offensive urine or post-void. If not addressed, it leads to kidney complications then failure. Visiting a doctor is advisable if it occurs.


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