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Seven Simple Health Boosters

Did you know, the very first things you do daily contribute to your overall performance? Health boosters are the things you do which make you feel more confident and positive about yourself and this influences your interaction with others. One’s body functions properly if it is relaxed and energised. Below are seven health boosters to help you kick-start and sail through your day.

1. Smile often.

Always smile! When you do so, your body releases endorphin hormones which reduce pain and stress. Whilst walking out on the street, into the office or at school, consciously throw that million-dollar smile at people. It will instantly boost your confidence and moral, gives your facial muscles a workout and an additional bonus: it may improve someone’s mood even if they were feeling low, which is positive!

2. Get organised.

Imagine those moments you misplace or lose your belongings and panic because your work-space is so crowded with unwanted things. It automatically dampens your mood, leading to a hike in stress levels. Create a schedule where you organise your events – whether you’re at work, home, school, or in the car. Just set aside a few minutes to put things in order. This reduces stress and leads to a better overall mood-switch.

3. Schedule a stretching break.

Instead of taking coffee break at work, you can have a stretching break. Simple neck rolls and arm stretches from the comfort of your office chair or standing whilst on the phone is effective If you are at home watching TV, walk to the kitchen or go grab some fresh air outside during the commercial breaks. Wherever you are, remember that simple movement throughout the day can refresh your mind and relieve muscle tension.

4. Have a good laugh with friends.

Laughing is a natural health remedy as it increases the dilation of blood vessels by one-fifth for up to 24 hours. Every time you hang out with your workmates or friends during tea or lunch breaks, share jokes, laugh and relax tension. Avoid situations which evoke anger or sad memories as it constricts the heart arteries.

5. Take fruit to work.

Whilst in the middle of your work day, when you are focusing on a task but hungry for a snack,
Fibrous fruit will not only fill you up but will also provide you with the sugar you might be craving for. It is therefore a healthier option and saves you from indulging into an otherwise unhealthy alternative.

6. Go for walk breaks.

You may think that a two minute walk can’t possibly impact your mood or your health, but a fast paced walk, even if it’s just for a few minutes, can improve your cardiovascular health. If you only have a few minutes, make time for a quick, brisk walk. By doing something different and stepping outside if you can – you may be able to reduce stress. Try to accumulate at least 30 minutes of walking throughout the day. If you have time for a longer walk, push for an hour!

7. Just relax.

When your day’s activities finally come to a close, take some time off and just relax. Give your mind a 10-minute meditation period whilst you sit back in your chair or on the couch. You will realise that even if the day was busy, hectic, or mind-draining, having a relaxed mind always sends positive signals to the brain, resulting in a better you.
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