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Five Compelling Reasons Why You Need Medical-aid Cover

You insure your cars, home and other material items because you care about them, so why would you decide to put yourself last? Have you ever considered that without sufficient medical insurance when you or your loved ones need to be admitted, you could be left broke? What would it cost to fix YOU if something went wrong? Here are five compelling reasons why you need medical aid cover for you and your family.

1. Emergencies

Life is unpredictable as anything can go wrong in anyone’s health at any time. Sports injuries and road accidents are representative of these unexpected occurrences and this is precisely what makes medical aid so important. It leaves you with room for relaxation as there will be no need for you to panic at any particular time. With or without money, you can get immediate medical attention after injury to ensure your health and well-being.

2. Cover for chronic illnesses

There are major medical expenses you might encounter in life due to chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease or diabetes. At some point in life, you might discover that you have cancer. You’d need acute medications, chemo-therapy, hospitalisation and medical support which all spell-out money. With the right cover, you can have peace of mind and focus on your recovery, knowing your bills are sorted.

3. Benefits of stretched savings

Having medical-aid cover can prove to be cheaper in the long-term. Monthly subscriptions may seem insignificant but they may go a long way in ensuring your health and safety. If for instance, you are a three star member on Corporate 24 Medical Aid; your annual contribution is $480 while your annual global cover allows you to access health services for up to a maximum of $15000. This ultimately means that you can get services way-beyond your yearly subscription thus making it better than keeping $480 personal savings for a rainy day.

4. Pregnancy cover

Pregnancy should be an incredible journey of expecting a new life. The thought of visiting the gynaecologist and delivery expenses should not leave you stressed. This can only be guaranteed if you have medical-aid cover which protects you from the extreme costs of unplanned delivery. Having reputable cover also offers you assurance that your baby is covered soon after delivery.

5. Not having to endure pain

You might find yourself in that situation where you fall ill and need immediate health attention but simply because you are not covered, you might be forced to endure the pain till month-end. When you have medical-aid cover, you won’t necessarily have to wait for a lengthy period to get assistance but you can simply go to the hospital and get speedy access to your healthcare as it will already be insured. Based on the five reasons above, medical aid is not an option but a necessity. So go ahead and live life while we have you covered. Find out which plan is best for you on

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