Corporate 24 Medical Aid represents the Corporate 24 Hospital Groups interests in health insurance. Duly registered and licensed with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and a member of the Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFOZ), we are renowned for the innovative introduction of combined medical aid and funeral cover for which effort and many others we were awarded with the Best Medical Aid Society Of The Year award, a major feat for a still growing medical aid society. Our first to market approach as well as tailor made packages for the ordinary Zimbabwean and dedication to economic relevance ensure that we continue to avail budget friendly medi-funeral plans to all those who are uninsured (corporates & SMEs & individuals) and seeking cover that does not break the bank or drain funds from other needs.


As the years go by it becomes more and more evident that all Zimbabweans deserve access to quality healthcare services viz a viz medical aid. Through our sister subsidiary AHFOZ Grade A rated Corporate 24 Medical Centres in Harare & Bulawayo, as well as a contracted service provider network we ensure that we provide tour members with an easy way to access their basic right to health. This is our founding philosophy, a mandate that we seek to fulfil in all our endeavours.

Our packages range from two-star to four-star as well as a star college plan aimed at college students and scholars. With a vast network of providers nationwide, you can rest assured that with Corporate 24 Medical Aid you are truly and fully covered wherever you are.

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